Pressure Treated Pent Sheds

The British weather can take its toll on us all, but for most of us it affects nothing more seriously than our lovely gardens. While most gardeners are highly aware of what to do regarding winter and summer planting, most people are not aware of the lifesaver that is a pressure-treated shed.

To avoid damage to your favourite rakes and spades in Britain’s ever-changing weather conditions, store your garden tools – as well as your outdoor toys, bikes and other equipment – in one of our pressure-treated sheds.

Despite the belief that wood is one of the least resilient materials when it comes to outdoor building in cold weather climates, our pressure-treated sheds are made using timber that has been specifically treated to avoid rot – so that’s one myth busted!

The main benefit of a pressure-treated shed is that you won’t need to apply a new preservative coating each year. However, if you wish to change the look of your shed, you can still apply a decorative treatment at any time with great ease. All of our sheds are purpose-built spaces and we have a variety of choices depending on your garden size, location and the look you’re going for.

The quality tongue and groove in the shed’s structure, roof and floor is another added benefit. The production process allows for high absorption and uniform penetration that preservative the wood, reducing the likelihood of rot and decay. The structures of our pressure-treated sheds are guaranteed to be sound and stable, so you won’t have to worry about wind, rain or snow causing you any problems.

Here at Sheds to Last, we believe in providing the best customer experience possible. We offer warranties on all our pressure-treated sheds, and a personal experience when you are considering our product. We also provide a kit with every product should you choose to maintain it yourself. In case of queries, do get in touch for more information on our pressure-treated sheds!

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  • 10x3-Pressure-Treated-Shed

    10×3 Pressure Treated Pent Shed

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  • 10x5 Pressure treated pent sheds

    10×5 Pressure Treated Shed

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  • 10x6-pent-wooden-sheds

    10×6 Pressure Treated Pent Shed

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  • 10x8-pressure-treated-shed-pent

    10×8 Pressure Treated shed

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  • 12x5-pressure-treated-shed-pent

    12×5 Pressure Treated Pent

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  • store shed

    4×3 Pent Shed

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  • tool store shed

    4×4 Pressure Treated Apex

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  • bike store shed

    5×3 Pressure Treated Pent

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  • 5x5-pressure-treated-shed-pent

    5×5 Pressure Treated Shed

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  • bike or tool store

    6×3 Pent

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  • 6x5-pressure-treated-shed-pent

    6X5 Pressure Treated Pent

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  • 6x6-pressure-treated-shed-pent

    6×6 Pressure Treated Pent

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Showing 1–12 of 21 results