Weston Heavy Duty Square Trellis Dark Brown


Weston Heavy Duty Square Trellis Dark Brown

For timber that is guaranteed to last, take a look at the Weston Heavy Duty Square Trellis in Dark Brown. A high quality design, this trellis can be used in a variety of outdoor spaces and gardens to great effect.

Although the standard size is a square, there’s four different heights available, all with a width of 1.8m. This provides incredible versatility in how you utilise this eye-catching trellis. The larger sizes of the Weston are ideally suited to use as a screen, boundary or partition. As a heavy duty panel, all sizes are capable of supporting plants, climbers and flowers too.

The trellis has a thickness of 32mm and a square gap of 140mm in each hole, creating a strong and stable frame. The wooden batons are thick and sturdy, helping to keep the frame secure and able to withstand all weathers.

Fine sawn timber gives a premium, smooth finish and a more refined appearance while a pressure treatment colours the natural wood a rich, dark brown. This also drives preservatives throughout the timber, weatherproofing the wood and protecting against the dangers of rot, decay and fungus.

To place an order, a minimum of three trellis panels must be purchased.

**Minimum order of 3**

All panels are 1.8m Wide and are available in:
0.3m h | 0.6m h | 0.9m h | 1.81m h

  • This trellis creates a unique focal point with its Heavy Duty thick batons, ideal for supporting climbing plants.
  • The Timber is made from fine sawn timber which provides a smooth, superior finish. The trellis holes are 140mm square and trellis panel is 32mm thick.
  • Pressure treated Dark Brown to protect the timber from elements.