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  • Waney Edge Lap Panel

Waney Edge Lap Panel


Waney Edge Lap Panel

Creating a strong and secure border around your property, garden or land has never been easier or affordable than with the Waney Edge Lap Panels. An attractive and long-lasting type of fencing panel, it also looks attractive in a wide range of settings.

If you need to create a clear boundary, lap fencing is a great option. As well as marking out your property clearly, it also provides privacy and enhances your security by making it more difficult to reach the rear of your property.

The Waney Edge Lap Panel is a particularly versatile range because it comes with a variety of options and is cost-effective yet also long-lasting.

The overlap style of fencing is given a rustic feel with the waney edge. This gives a wavy and undulating appearance to each of the slat edges, allowing the natural qualities of the timber to shine through. The softer design of waney lap panels complement areas which are more rustic rather than sharply contoured.

This range is available in four different heights and two different finishes: natural and golden brown. Both types are pressure treated to provide additional protection against fungus, decay and rot and to extend the lifespan of the fencing.

Very strong and durable, the Waney Edge Lap Panel fencing provides excellent value for money.

Waney Edge (Lap Panel) 915mm – Dipped, Waney Edge (Lap Panel) 915mm – Pressure Treated (Green), Waney Edge (Lap Panel) 1220mm – Dipped, Waney Edge (Lap Panel) 1220mm – Pressure Treated (Green), Waney Edge (Lap Panel) 1524mm – Dipped, Waney Edge (Lap Panel) 1524mm – Pressure Treated (Green), Waney Edge (Lap Panel) 1829mm – Dipped, Waney Edge (Lap Panel) 1829mm – Pressure Treated (Green)

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