• Valencia Corner Arbour
  • Valencia Corner Arbour

Valencia Corner Arbour


Valencia Corner Arbour

If you have a large space in your garden and want to use up every available inch, the Valencia Corner Arbour provides an attractive and practical solution. Ideal for placing in a corner, this arbour is a large design that is perfect to use as a focal point.

Much more generously sized than the typical arbour, the Valencia Corner design is the big brother to the more compact Valencia Arbour. The corner unit offers an abundance of space for occupants to relax in style, and there’s even a built in table between the two benches!

With fully covered trellis sides and a slatted roof, this arbour provides excellent shelter from the elements, whether you’re looking for shade in the summer or protection from the wind and rain during inclement weather.

The sides are completely enclosed by latticework, which is perfect to act as a strong base to support plants. With the gaps in the trellis providing opportunity for climbers to entwine around the structure, this is ideal to use with plants that need a bit of help to grow tall.

This arbour is pressure treated, weatherproofing the premium timber and providing the maximum protection against unwanted decay or rot.

  • Offers not only an attractive sheltered seating area, but also an integrated table.
  • A strong and sturdy construction that is pressure treated to ensure protection over the years to come.
Width Height Depth
230 cm 200 cm 230 cm