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Valencia Arbour


Valencia Arbour

The Valencia Arbour offers a strong and stable seating area that can act as a focal point of your garden design. Very ornate and attractive to look at, this arbour offers style as well as convenience.

The smaller sibling to the Corner Valencia Arbour, this arbour has the same intricate appearance, with flawless attention to detail. You’ll find each of the parts fit together smoothly with an immaculate finish which is the best in the market.

The sides and rear of the Valencia feature a pretty diamond trellis, a charming design that will make your arbour the envy of the neighbours! As well as looking good, this provides the perfect base for plants and climbers that want to grow up and around the timber. The shape of the apex roof helps to drain away excess rainwater while the tongue and groove cladding provides shelter from the elements.

Every piece of wood which is selected for manufacture is chosen for its top class quality, with only ethical sources used. The arbour is pressure treated with a preservative before sale, protecting the timber from rot, fungus and decay. This ensures your arbour will enjoy a long life, gracing your garden with its presence for many years to come.

  • The timber is pressure treated for extra resilience to rot and decay.
Width Height Depth
235 cm 174 cm 63 cm