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The Grange Lap Panel


Grange Lap Panel

The Grange Lap Panel makes an excellent choice for marking out boundaries and providing privacy and security for gardens of all sizes. Strong, affordable and elegant, these fence panels are a popular choice.

The strength in this type of fencing comes from the double framed timber overlap design, which is tough and durable. Manufactured entirely in the UK from sustainable sources, the lap fencing is built to last without sacrificing style and good looks.

Double edged waney slats make up the panel, creating a more gentle and subtle appearance than artificially straight edges. This works particularly well in a garden which is landscaped in a more natural way and doesn’t rely on sharp geometric shapes to create the theme.

All of the panels have been pressure treated, dipping into the golden colour which provides the familiar warm fencing tones. However the dip treatment provides more than a cosmetic affect as it also helps to protect the timber and extend its lifespan.

Every panel is 1.8m wide and available in a choice of five heights. Support is provided by two batons on both the front and the back.

A minimum of only three fence panels is required to place an order so this panelling is suitable for small gardens as well as larger spaces.

**Minimum order of 3**

All panels are 1.8m Wide and are available in:
0.6 h | 0.9m h | 1.2m h | 1.5m h | 1.8m h

  • 42mm Thick with 2 vertical batons on front and back.
  • Pressure treated golden brown protecting each panel from wood rot