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Store Chest


Store Chest

Keeping a garden tidy and free from all the equipment, tools and toys can be an uphill task so having convenient storage can be a big help. Our Store Chest provides a convenient and practical solution and is the perfect size to fit into any outdoor area, large or small. Strong and weatherproof, this timber storage box will keep your contents snug and dry, and with a lockable lid, it’s safe and secure too. Its rectangular shape is economical with space, giving you maximum storage in return for square inches.

Whether you’re a family with young children or simply crazy about gardening, you’ll find this storage chest provides ample room to stash everything away. The chest is weatherproof and tough so can be placed anywhere in the garden and the items inside will remain fully protected and dry.

The smart design of this outdoor storage chest has several important features that make it particularly accessible and easy to use. The lid is hinged which allows it to be fully opened and there’s an additional propped arm to hold the top open while you load or empty the chest. The top half of the front wooden panel is also hinged and flaps down so you don’t have to lift heavy items too high. Functional, practical and attractive our Store Chest is the ideal accessory for gardens of all sizes.

Available Options:
4×3 Store Chest, 4×3 Store Chest With Installation

  • Propped Arm to keep the lid open
  • Hinged drop down front door for easy access
  • 10mm Solid Sheet Board Floor
  • 8mm Solid Sheet Board Roof
  • 28x28 Framing