St Meloir Lattice Trellis


St Meloir Lattice Trellis

The St Meloir Lattice Trellis is a particularly decorative feature and complements the St Meloir fence panels. This provides many different design options; the only limit is the amount of space you have available….and your imagination!

The St Meloir Trellis are made to the standard width of 1.8m but are available in a choice of three different heights, from 0.6m to 1.8m. The gap in the trellis is of a medium size, 120x115mm. This offers incredible versatility in how and where you use the trellis panels.

With a heavily curved upper top frame, bowing upwards, it’s possible to create an undulating privacy screen or border.. This will look very effective in both large and small gardens. The trellis is sturdy enough to support the weight of plants and climbers, and can be mounted on walls for an eye-catching display.

The ornate decoration is produced from planed and chamfered high quality timber sourced ethically. The final step in readying the trellis for sale is pressure treating every panel. This ensures that the preservative penetrates through the upper layers and to the centre of the timber offering superior protection against unwanted decay, rot and fungus.

To purchase the St Meloir Lattice Trellis a minimum of three panels must be purchased.

**Minimum order of 3**

All panels are 1.8m Wide and are available in:
0.6m h | 1.05m h | 1.8m h

  • Ideal for wall mounting this planed finished trellis is also pressure treated for protection
  • Trellis hole size is 120 x 115mm.
  • Pressure treated timber ensuring protection against the outdoor elements for years to come.