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Small Portabases


Small Portabases

Our portabases come in a range of different sizes, suitable for a variety of outdoor sheds and summerhouses. Whether the ground is uneven or if you just want to provide protection from the damp, our portabases are an eco-friendly alternative to concrete. Made from pressure treated timber for the best protection against rot, our small portabases are easy to assemble and quickly provide a flat and stable footing.

Available Options:
Small Portabase 4×6, Small Portabase 4×6 With Installation, Small Portabase 6×4, Small Portabase 6×4 With Installation, Small Portabase 4×4, Small Portabase 4×4 With Installation, Small Portabase 4ft11inch x4ft11inch, Small Portabase 4ft11inch x4ft11inch With Installation, Small Portabase 6×6, Small Portabase 6×6 With Installation, Small Portabase 6ft11inch x6ft4inch, Small Portabase 6ft11inch x6ft4inch With Installation

  • Allow you to make a flat base
  • Perfect for those unable to make their own base
  • Available for many of our buildings
  • Pressure Treated Timber
  • Form a level base on uneven ground
  • Enables you to raise your shed off the ground to protect against damp