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Shiplap Mower Store


Shiplap Mower Store

It can take a lot of tools to keep your garden tidy, including big and bulky equipment such as lawn mowers. Our Shiplap Mower Store makes short work of keeping your tools tidy and secure with its smart yet functional design.

The timber exterior is shiplapped with a tongue and groove appearance, providing superior protection against the elements, and keeping your mower dry and snug. This type of construction is also very strong, so you can be reassured that the contents are safe and secure. The roof is covered with sand felt, which prevents damage to the wood and also helps to keep out the rain. Each of these elements are carefully planned to create an overall design which is high quality and built to last.

Forget about struggling to lift awkward equipment through narrow doorways, with our mower store, that’s all in the past! The front of the store features wide double doors which open right out, providing easy access to your equipment. As well as the main central storage area, it’s also possible to add fixtures and fittings to the interior of the doors to hang smaller items such as hoses or hand tools, creating an even more versatile space.

Of course, you don’t need to use the Shiplap Mower Store for a lawnmower, it’s a great storage solution for any large garden items. Whatever you choose to use it for, the contents will be protected by a pad bolt which can be padlocked for ultimate security.

Available Options:
Shiplap Pent Mower Store, Shiplap Pent Mower Store With Installation