Romana Arbour


Romana Arbour

If you want to sit and relax but don’t want to block out the sight of your garden in full bloom, the Romana Arbour is an excellent choice. Similar in style to the Montebello Arbour, the Romana has a rustic charm which will complement any type of landscaping design.

Offered in natural wood, this arbour can be painted to match other garden accessories, if required, but can also be left as it is. The high quality timber has been pressure treated, with the preservative penetrating deep into each slat of wood to provide optimum protection with fungus, decay and rot. This allows you to enjoy the natural appearance of timber without compromising on life span.

The Romana has a graceful bowed roof, which pairs with half trellis sides and a slatted bench seat. The roof and the upper half of the sides are left open which works beautifully with climbers, and also offers the option of hanging baskets too. There are five chunky beams cross-positioned on the roof to provide an attractive design feature as well as stability.

The seat doesn’t come pre-drilled which gives you the option to set the right height for you. All of the timber comes from sustainable sources and has been manufactured by highly skilled professionals in the UK.

  • With its comfortable bench, the Romana Arbour is pressure treated for ensuring protection in the garden.
Width Height Depth
192 cm 180 cm 87 cm