• Pressure Treated Wooden Workshop.
  • Grandmaster 8x8 Workshop Open Doors
  • Grandmaster 20x12 Workshop
  • Grandmaster 16x8 Workshop Inside
  • Workshop
  • Pressure Treated Wooden Workshop
  • Grandmaster 20x12 Workshop Side View

Pressure Treated Wooden Workshop.


Pressure Treated Wooden Workshop

This stylish looking shed will look ideal in any garden. The brilliant design and high quality materials leave nothing lacking. The double doors make storage easy, so if you intend on storing bulkier items, this shed could be the perfect choice for you. Constructed with 11mm cladding throughout the shed, including the floor and roof, you can be sure this shed is highly durable. The extended height of this shed gives you far more space than the traditional shed. The windows are styrene glazed for strength. If you’re ready to be the envy of all your neighbours, grab a bargain with this affordable yet practical workshop. You certainly won’t regret it!
Size options: 8 x 8ft, 10 x 8ft, 12 x 8ft, 16 x 8ft, 8 x 10ft, 10 x 10ft, 12 x 10ft, 16 x 10ft, 20 x 10ft, 12 x 12ft, 16 x 12ft, 20 x 12ft.
11mm Fully Pressure Treated
Roof and Floor Cladding Not OSB
High Quality Doors and Windows
Upgrade Floor Finish to 16 Or 24 mm

Pressure treated wooden workshop, made from finished size 11 mm cladding and the roof and floors are made from this also they are extra tall in the eave and will look good in any garden.

  • 11mm Fully Pressure Treated
  • Roof Floor Cladding Not OSB
  • High Quality Doors Windows
  • Upgrade Floor Finish 16 Or 24 mm