• pressure treated pent shed

Pressure Treated Pent, Off Set Doors


Pressure Treated Pent

The Pressure Treated Pent with Offset Doors is an alternative design that doesn’t compromise the strength, security or dimensions.

This pent shed comes in a range of eight sizes, beginning with 8×6, so it can fit into even the smaller gardens. However the largest models, 14×8, is great for more expansive outdoor areas and can offer a very useable space.

The double doors are on the front of the shed and swing open wide, offering excellent access to the interior. This makes this building ideal for storing bigger and bulky items. You have the choice of where to situate the doors, and can choose from either the right or left side. This allows you to pick the layout that works for your garden, giving you access from the best direction. Alongside the doors are two windows which help to create a bright and airy space.

Shiplap cladding provides an attractive exterior, made from ethically sourced timber. Pressure treatment provides superior weather proofing while also guarding against the damage caused by rot, decay and fungus.

  • Door Will Go Left Or Right
  • 27x34mm Framework
  • OSB Roof And Floor
  • With Windows