Pressure Treated Diamond trellis (1800×1800)


Pressure Treated Diamond Trellis (1800×1800)

Liven up your outside space with the Pressure Treated Diamond Trellis, a stylish addition to any garden. These large trellis panels are perfect for creating a border or partition, or for sectioning off parts of your garden.

Trellis comes in all shapes and sizes and this is one of the larger panels, allowing you to design a striking feature in your garden which will be both functional and eye-catching. The large gaps of the diamond trellis provide plenty of room for plants to weave through, and the strength offers the support needed to encourage healthy growth.

Despite the large size of these trellis panels, they are far from flimsy and have a sturdy and robust structure. Each of the rigid panels is double braced and fully framed to provide the maximum amount of strength that won’t buckle under stress.

All of our timber garden features are built to last and this trellis is no exception. Made from wood from sustainable sources this is a high quality trellis which is tough and hardwearing. Every panel has been pressure treated to ensure the wood is preserved throughout to protect against the worst of the weather, wood decay and rotting.

  • Pressure Treated
  • Long Lasting
  • Hard Wearing
  • Decorative