Pressure Treated Brown Square Fence Post Sawn, Flat top


Our range of Fence Post is made from home grown high quality pressure treated softtimber. Pressure treatment is a process whereby all timber is placed in a vacuum before construction, where a preservative is compacted into the fibres of the wood. Consequently increasing its lifespan, adding strength and guaranteeing prevention against rot for up to 15 years. Available in a range of sizes.

2.4×0.1×0.1m, 2.4×0.075×0.075m, 2.1×0.1×0.1m, 2.1×0.075×0.075m, 1.8×0.1×0.1m, 1.8×0.075×0.075m, 1.8×0.075×0.075m, 1.5×0.1×0.1m, 1.5×0.075×0.075m

  • High quality softtimber
  • Green and Brown Pressure treatment
  • Available in a range of sizes