• Pallisade Gate

Pallisade Gate


Pallisade Gate

Whether you’re replacing an old, worn-out gate or are purchasing a new gate to match your fencing, the Pallisade Gate is an excellent, cost-affection option. Designed to match and complement the Palisade Fencing range, the gate can either be used on its own or in tandem with the panels.

Simple yet sophisticated, the gate provides security while ensuring your property remains accessible when required. With a traditional appearance, you have the choice of either the square top or the round top, just like the fencing range. This allows you to match up all of your timber garden accessories perfectly so you have a seamless boundary design.

Each gate is constructed from boards which are 16mm thick and 95mm wide, with support batons measuring 28x70mm. This creates a tough and strong gate which is able to withstand regular use and still remain in optimal condition for many years.

There are two different sizes of gate to choose from, once again, matching the fencing range. All of the various fencing options are also available in two finishes: golden brown which is dip treated and natural green which is pressure treated. Both of these methods weatherproof the wood, protecting the timber from rotting, decay and fungus

Pallisade Gate Flat Top – 915mm -Dipped, Palisade Gate Flat Top Pressure Treated 915mm, Palisade Gate Rounded Top – 915mm – Dipped, Palisade Gate Rounded Top – 915mm Pressure Treated, Palisade Gate Flat Top -1220mm – Dipped, Palisade Gate Flat Top – 1220mm Pressure Treated, Pallisade Gate Rounded Top -1220mm – Dipped, Palisade Gate Rounded Top – 1220mm Pressure Treated

  • Dip/PressureTreated
  • 16mm Palisade Boards
  • 28x70mm Battons
  • Two Sizes to choose from