Palisade Tulip Panel – 0.9m


Palisade Tulip Panel – 0.9M

A palisade is an elegant choice to create a decorative perimeter fence that will be the envy of the neighbours. The Palisade Tulip Panel is one of the best on the market with its carefully shaped design and rich golden colour.

With palisade picket fencing you can easily create a rustic charm for your outside space, bringing a touch of the countryside into your garden even if you live right in the middle of a town! This type of fencing isn’t too imposing or unwelcoming but nevertheless creates a clear boundary around your property which is functional yet attractive. The Tulip Panels are ideal for a rear garden, providing privacy and securing your perimeter but can be equally as effective when used around the front of your property. There are also matching posts and gates available too which are particularly striking when used all together.

Every Tulip Panel contains 10 pales measuring 75mm, each with a curvy shaped top which provides an air of sophistication. There is a 92mm gap between each slat, an important measurement to check if you have small pets in your garden!

The palisades are finished by being pressure treated, a process which not only creates the warm golden tones but also drives a protective preservative throughout the timber, minimising the risk of damage from rot, decay and fungus.

If you would like to place an order, the minimum quantity for purchase is three.

**Minimum order of 3**

  • 10 pales per panel at 75mm wide. Matching gate & Post available.
  • Pressure treated golden brown, first to market. treatment protecting each panel from wood rot
  • Gap between slats 9.2cm and slat thickness 1.6cm.
Width Height Depth
180 cm 90 cm 2 cm