Oblong Garden Table with Seats


Oblong Garden Table With Seats

Dine alfresco in style with the bling garden table with seats, made from high quality timber. An intelligent design that stands out among its competitors, this bench-style seating is strong and durable.

Although the British weather may be fickle, in between the raindrops there’s usually plenty of opportunities to enjoy a meal outside. Whether it’s an impromptu picnic in the garden, a barbecue, or a relaxing dinner at the end of a warm summer’s day, having a table and seating ready outside is very convenient.

Made from planed timber and pressure treated to provide additional protection against rotting, decay and fungus, this oblong picnic table and benches is built to last.

What’s different about this design is that the wooden benches fold up when not in use, helping to keep them dry and also saving on space. The seating can also be folded up to allow convenient access to the table for wheelchair users and pushchairs, a clever twist on a traditional design which is practical, yet simple.

Made from ethically sourced softwoods, there is comfortable room for four adults at this garden table, measuring 40mm thick and 0.73 x 2m in size.

  • Seats fold up to prevent getting wet. This oblong table comfortably seats four. The table size is 0.73 x 2m and 40mm thick.
  • Planed and pressure-treated to prolong life.
Width Height Depth
153 cm 81 cm 200 cm