Madley Convex Trellis-0.5m


Madley Convex Trellis – 0.5m

With a strong and sturdy yet decorative design, the Madley Convex Trellis is an excellent addition to any garden or outside space. With a curved dome top and straight sides, this trellis will work perfectly as an addition to fencing or for fixing onto a wall.

Trellis can help to support plants and other types of climbing flowers and vines, offering a functional use while still being attractive. With intricate latticework, trellis is an eye-catching addition to any garden display.

The Madley comes in two different heights so is compatible with various sizes of fences and walls. Providing a little bit of extra height and an ornate finish, trellis can look beautiful either on its own or interwoven with flowers and greenery. The latticework on this trellis co-ordinates with the square or rectangular Madley trellis.

All of our timber garden products are ethically sourced and manufactured here in the UK to create the smallest possible carbon footprint. We believe that quality matters and only use premium timber which has been carefully processed to get the very best results.

This trellis has been pressure treated which provides protection from fungus, decay and rot for many years to come. The advantage of pressure treating rather than simply dip treating is that the protection penetrations beyond the surface area, giving a superior result.

There is a minimum order requirement of three trellis panels to make a purchase.

**Minimum order of 3**

  • Offering planed and rounded trellis. The trellis has 70mm lattice gaps.
  • Ideal for wall mounting and as a fence panel top this design has a sturdy 40mm thick rebated frame.
  • The timber is also pressure treated ensuring years of use.