Heavy Duty Square Trellis Green


Heavy Duty Square Trellis Green

If your garden has a rustic appearance the Heavy Duty Square Trellis Green might be a good match for your theme.Trellis is decorative but also functional, making a striking addition to any garden display but also providing a useful support for plants, flowers and climbing greenery.

Trellis is available in all shapes and sizes and this particular design is large and heavyweight. This makes is suitable to be used as boundary partitions, or privacy screens. They can either be used singly or grouped together to section off areas of your outside space in an attractive way.

To help your trellis to last for many years, every piece has been pressure treated green. This is an eco-friendly process which allows the natural features of the wood to take centerstage while simultaneously providing protection against wood rot and fungus. A gentle green tint will be visible on the trellis at first; this can either be painted over or left for a more natural appearance. If left unpainted, over time the green tones will vanish and the trellis will fade to a silvery colour. This trellis is also available in a golden brown colour.

Each of the trellis gaps are squares measuring 140mm, and the whole panel is 1.8m wide. Six different heights are available.

If you want to purchase the Heavy Duty Square Trellis Green, a minimum order of three applies.

**Minimum order of 3**

All panels are 1.8m Wide and are available in:
0.3m h | 0.6m h | 0.9m h | 1.2m h | 1.51m h | 1.81m h

  • This trellis creates a unique focal point with its Heavy Duty thick batons, ideal for supporting climbing plants.
  • The Timber is made from fine sawn timber which provides a smooth, superior finish. The trellis holes are 140mm square and trellis panel is 32mm thick.
  • Pressure treated green to protect the timber from elements.