Heavy Duty Fan Trellis


Heavy Duty Fan Trellis

Using trellis in your garden can add instant interest and provide new and eye-catching ways to decorate your outside space. Different types of trellis can be used in different ways, and this Heavy Duty Fan Trellis works best against an exterior wall. The unusual shape allows gardeners to put together beautiful designs to brighten up boring walls, creating an explosion of colour and greenery.

This trellis is made from a premium selection of softwoods, which deliver a smooth and flawless finish. Fine sawn timber is the perfect choice for this trellis as it shows off the fan shape, an unusual feature for any outside space. Using trellis in your garden provides the opportunity to let nature inspire you, giving climbing plants the support they need to show them off to their best.

This heavy duty trellis is durable and long-lasting courtesy of the pressure treatment. This not only dyes it a glorious golden colour but also adds important protection, weatherproofing the timber right through to the core and keeping rot and decay at bay.

Each Heavy Duty Fan Trellis is 1.8m at its widest point but is available in two different heights. The smaller size has three upright batons, while the larger size has four.

To make a purchase, a minimum order quantity of three applies.

**Minimum order of 3**

All panels are 1.8m Wide and are available in:
0.61m h | 0.90m h

  • Made from fine sawn timber which provides a smooth superior finish
  • Pressure treated golden brown, which is first to market. Treatment protecting the timber from wood rot and fungal decay.