Feather Edge Gate


Feather Edge Gates UK

If you want to enjoy the privacy that strong fencing offers but still need convenient access, the Feather Edge Gate can provide the solution. Designed to complement the Feather Edge range, this gate can be used in either the front or the rear of your property.

There’s the choice of two different heights, 1508mm and 1818mm, so you can pick the design that matches your garden. The gate provides easy access while still ensuring that your garden remains secure when not in use.

The vertical boarding on the Feather Edge Gate will look familiar to anyone who’s seen the Feather Edge Fencing Panels as the stylish finish matches. Wide slats are supported by 16 batons to provide strength and durability and to keep your gate looking good for many years to come.

Each gate is dipped to provide a rich golden colour, giving a warm glow to your outside space and also helping to protect against the weather. However it is also pressure treated, allowing the preservative to penetrate to the very core of the timber, preventing damage from fungus, rot and decay.

A simple garden gate ring latch completes the package, providing the finishing touch to the traditional look.

Feather Edge Gate – 1508mm – Dipped, Feather Edge Gate 1508 Pressure Treated, Feather Edge Gate – 1813mm – Dipped, Feather Edge Gate 1813 Pressure Treated

  • Dip/Pressure Treated
  • 16x60mm Battons
  • Available in two sizes
  • Strong
  • Durable