Elite Square Wall Trellis


Elite Square Wall Trellis

Garden trellis can be used in lots of different ways to add decoration to gardens and provide strength for climbing flowers, plants and vines. The Elite Square Wall Trellis has been carefully designed to be lightweight enough to attach to walls while still providing sufficient support to a wide variety of greenery.

This square trellis is extremely easy to use and mount and won’t add strain or unnecessary weight to walls. The holes in the trellis are square and larger than in some other designs, offering a space of 120 x 115mm. This is a large enough gap to accommodate bulkier plants, opening up your options for garden decor.

Despite being a lightweight trellis, the same high level of attention and care has gone into every piece that we give to all of our products. A smooth finish provides a high quality appearance which is protected by pressure treatment. This is superior to dip treating as it ensures that the protection penetrates through the surface of the timber, helping to extend the lifespan and guard against unwanted wood rot and decay.

Each panel measures 1.8m in width and is available in three different heights. A minimum purchase of three applies for any orders.

**Minimum order of 3**

All panels are 1.8m Wide and are available in:
0.3m h | 0.6m h | 0.9m h

  • Ideal for wall mounting this planed finished trellis is also pressure treated for protection
  • Trellis hole size is 120 x 115mm.
  • Pressure treated timber ensuring protection against the outdoor elements for years to come.