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Elite Garden Arch


Elite Garden Arch

The Elite Garden Arch is simple yet elegant, a beautiful addition to any garden regardless of style. With its clean and minimalist design, you can easily create a focal point in your outside space by just adding in some climbing plants and flowers.

This garden arch is part of a range of complementary accessories and furniture which can be combined for the maximum effect. However you don’t need a large garden with smaller components such as the Elite Square Wall Trellis accenting this arch to perfection.

You can make a feature out of any pathway with a little help from the Elite Garden Arch. Classically shaped, the arch suits both traditional and contemporary themes.

The sides of the arch are comprised of the large gap Elite trellis, a decorate type of latticework which is excellent for providing support to bulky or bigger climbing plants. With plenty of room between each space in the timber, you can get creative when you’re planning your garden!

Over the top is a tightly curved arch with nine spindles set evenly apart, all finished to the same high quality.

The whole arch has been pressure treated to protect the timber and extend the life span, guaranteeing against the risk of fungus, decay and rot. The Elite Garden Arch will look great in your outdoor space for many years to come!

  • The subtle design featuring square trellis to the sides, makes the arch suitable for many garden settings. Will fit paths up to 0.895m wide.
  • Pressure treated for extra resistance to the outdoor environment .
Width Height Depth
250 cm 100 cm 63 cm