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Contemporary Arch Ptg


Contemporary Arch PTG

Arches may be a classic and traditional piece of garden design, but there’s no reason why your outdoor space can’t look modern too. The Contemporary Arch PTG is a reinterpretation of the timeless classic, but with a few design tweaks to bring it bang up to date.

There are lots of ways to use an arch in a garden for the greatest effect, such as over a pathway or as a standalone decoration. The Contemporary Arch is a sturdy and substantial model and works very well however you choose to use it. If you have a larger outdoor space, you might be interested in the Contemporary Arbour PTG which matches this arch and creates a beautiful complementary piece.

This arch has a clever design, mixing up the strong geometric lines of slats with a soft, curvy silhouette. This gives a very contemporary appearance without seeming too linear or harsh. Each of the slats are carefully planed and rounded before being added to the arch and this high quality of workmanship is very evident in the finished product.

The timber used is carefully selected from sustainable sources and pressure treated to provide protection from weather damage such as rot, decay and fungus.

  • The Timber is planed and pressure treated to provide protection from wood rot.
Width Height Depth
260 cm 150 cm 70 cm