• Contemporary Arbour

Contemporary Arbour Ptg


Contemporary Arbour PTG

Arbours have been around for many centuries but their popularity has never waned.The Contemporary Arbour PTG takes the classic design and reinvents it, creating a modern interpretation of an old favourite.

The concept remains unchanged, with the sweeping roof and intimate seating for two providing a private shelter that is incredibly inviting. However, what’s different about this design is that it forgoes the traditional style for a thoroughly modern look with a simple, uncluttered appearance which is simultaneously both angular and soft.

The first thing you’ll notice is the poker straight sides and the sequence of slim slats which flow from one side of the arbour right round to the other. However, the harsh lines are softened by the appearance of a curving roof, giving the arbour a touch of romance. The gaps between the wooden boards make the perfect home for climbing plants and flowers, and before too long this could be a focal feature of your whole garden!

The bench seating area is backed by yet more slats and is made from premium wood which is flawlessly smooth. With a few garden cushions scattered around, this arbour could make the perfect chill-out zone if you’re searching for some peace and quiet!

The timber has been pressured treated green to make it weatherproof, with the preservative protecting against unwanted decay, rot and fungus.

  • The arbour is pressure treated green to provide protection from wood rot and fungal decay.
Width Height Depth
150 cm 220 cm 60 cm