Bow Top Arch


Bow Top Arch

Arches are the perfect choice for adding a little extra to a garden, a decorative feature which suits both traditional and contemporary designs. The Bow Top Arch is a simple design with bold, clean lines that would complement any type of landscaping.

Arches are often used on pathways to add a focal point, but can also be used as a standalone garden accessory. The open structure of this arch means it’s perfect for use as a support for climbing plants, providing stability and strength for the greenery to weave around. Arches covered with plants and flowers can be particularly eye-catching, adding a touch of classic elegance to any open space.

This arch is relatively open on both the sides and from above, so adding greenery will provide more shade and shelter. Large latticework on the right and the left with generous gaps mean that even bulky climbers can be planted close by.

Despite the strong and sturdy construction, the arch looks graceful with a bow top which gently curves. This is accented by beams which are set at 90˚ and give the option of hanging baskets.

All of this is protected by pressure treatments, reducing the risk of damage caused by rot, decay or fungus and giving your arch a long lifespan

  • With pressure treated timber for protection, this structure perfect for creating a stunning entryway, enhancing a path, or providing a decorative garden feature.
  • Will fit paths up to 1.5m wide.
Width Height Depth
250 cm 160 cm 72 cm