• Wooden Wheelie Bin Stores
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Bin Stores


Bin Stores-
Isn’t a shame when a beautiful and well-kept garden is ruined by the presence of wheelie bins? Unfortunately, it’s one of those things every household has to put up with. However, these bin stores are a fantastic solution. Just pop your wheelie bins inside and cover them up. The single door and lid are hinged for easy access. So, whether you want to take the bin out or just pop a bag of rubbish inside, you’ll never have any hassle. It is made with slated timber, allowing the air to flow through and freshen any unwanted smells. The door is secured with a turn button feature. No more untidy gardens! If the thought of black wheelie bins cluttering your garden frustrates you, grab yourself a bargain with three of these fantastic designs.
Your options: 3×3  Stores, 3×3  Stores With Installation.
16mm Slatted Timber Construction
Hinged Lid
Turn Button Fastening

Our Bin Stores have been specially designed to keep any garden tidy and hideaway wheelie bins. The hinged single door and lid provide easy access to the bin at any time. The slatted timber allows for air to circulate and the turn button feature keeps the door secure.

Available Options:
3×3 Bin Stores, 3×3 Bin Stores With Installation

  • 16mm Slatted Timber Construction
  • Hinged Lid
  • Turn Button Fastening