Alderley Square Trellis


Alderley Square Trellis

The Alderley Square Trellis can be used in lots of different ways in your garden, such as creating boundaries or partitioning off small areas. It can even be utilised to provide privacy, an excellent option for large or communal gardens.

Manufactured by Grange in the UK, the timber used is sustainably sourced and pressure treated green. This is an eco-friendly process that protects the wood for longer, helping to make it weatherproof and guarding against rot and decay. This often leaves a pale green tint on the wood which will gradually fade or alternatively, you can stain or paint the trellis to match the rest of your garden. Painting the trellis is not essential; it can be left with a natural appearance, perfect for more rustic settings.

The diamond lattice is joint framed and measures 1.8m across. It is available in a true square shape with a height of 1.8m, but can also be purchased as rectangular panels with a choice of four other heights. The latticework gap of 40mm remains unchanged whichever dimensions you pick.

The Alderley Square Trellis can either be used on its own as garden decor or combined with the Valencia range for maximum impact. There is a minimum order of four pieces to make a purchase.


**Minimum order of 3**

All panels are 1.8m Wide and are available in:
0.3m h | 0.6m h | 0.9m h | 1.2m h | 1.8m h

  • With a lattice gap of 40mm the trellis is planed and chamfered for a superior finish.
  • Each product is pressure treated green ensuring longevity in use
  • Ideal to suit the valenica structure range