Alderley Dome Convex Trellis


Alderley Dome Convex Trellis

Allow the Alderley Dome Convex Trellis to inspire you imagination and create a garden decor that will be the envy of all the neighbours! Used either on its own or in combination with other structures or fencing, this domed trellis has an attractive diamond lattice which is delicate yet very functional.

A trellis can instantly take the landscaping of a garden or outside space to the next level with its intricate woven appearance. The perfect backdrop for climbing plants and vines, in a short space of time the trellis will be interlaced with greenery and flowers, adding an exotic appeal to your garden.

The top rail on this trellis is domed, curving up and round to add light shade or simply decor to key aspects of your garden. The lattice features a gap of 40mm and is planed to a smooth and flawless finish.

Each piece of trellis has been carefully pressure treated with an eco-friendly process to provide an additional layer of protection. This guards against wood rot and decay and comes with a manufacturer guarantee.

The Alderley Dome Convex Trellis is 1.8m wide, which makes it particularly suitable to match with fencing panels. It also works well with the Valencia range of structures. There is a choice of two trellis heights and a minimum order of three pieces applies.

**Minimum order of 3**

All panels are 1.8m Wide and are available in:
0.495m h | 0.6m h

  • With a lattice gap of 40mm the trellis is planed and chamfered for a superior finish
  • Each product is pressure treated green ensuring longevity in use
  • Ideal to suit the valenica structure range.