Wooden Arbours And Their Uses

October 15, 2018

What is an Arbour Used For?

An Arbour is a garden structure that is unknown to many but essentially, it is a vertical structure that offers shelter, shade and acts as a focal point for any garden. They are designed to blend in with the surroundings or even separate different areas of a garden, making it versatile and flexible. Commonly, the roof and walls are made of an open framework as they are often used to support vines and sprawling plants. They can often be attached to a fence or walls, or they can be left freestanding. An Arbour should not be confused with a trellis even though they are similar but a trellis is smaller and more delicate.

Arbour Basics

On average, the height of an arbour is around 8-10ft and this provides enough room for it to be walked under while ensuring that vines and plants can continue to grow and thrive. Even if it is left freestanding or fixed to a solid structure, it will still consist of columns or posts that support the horizontal beams, rafters or arches. Wooden rafter can contain intricate detail or they can be left plain but along with vines, the roof or arch can be covered using other materials in order to provide the required shade.

Arbours are commonly built using standard, treated wood that offers enough strength to support the vines as they grow as well as handle the elements. 

Arbour and Pergolas

In the same way as an arbour, a pergola can be left free standing or it can be fixed to a solid structure. They are commonly installed over decking or a patio and have a similar structure to that of an arbour where it has posts and beams as part of the construction. The roof of a pergola is traditionally flat and it will have four or more posts or columns. While it is built in a similar way, the structure is different in purpose to that of an Arbour.

Arbour and Gazebos

A gazebo, just like an Arbour is a structure that is designed to offer shade from the sun and shelter during cooler evenings. They both provide somewhere to sit and relax within the garden and if they are positioned correctly, they provide a seamless link from the house to the garden while giving people a path to follow or a focal point for them to enjoy.

Both can be found in a wide range of styles to suit many different needs and gardens. A gazebo is designed using an open frame that offers an airy space although it does consist of a solid roof and it is a lot bigger in size. Gazebos can be made to feel more personalised and private as drapes or curtains can be added

So, an arbour is a great addition to any garden and it offers somewhere for people to enjoy, whether that is as a place to sit or somewhere to grow vines that enhance the look of the garden. A perfect choice that comes in many styles, it can help to transform a garden almost instantly.