Why a Greenhouse is Right for You

October 1, 2018

In the UK, many of us enjoy growing plants in our gardens. Whether you enjoy growing flowers or even vegetables, the feeling you get when you see your flowers in bloom or you eat your own produce cannot be beaten. Despite this, the weather can often leave our gardens decimated, even in summer and when the winter months come along, we almost say goodbye to our gardens for 6-8 months.

However, you can enjoy your garden for longer and continue growing if you purchase a greenhouse but what makes a greenhouse right for you?

You want to grow all year

Most gardeners will see their last tomato disappear somewhere around October while some people in the warmer parts of the UK might be able to stretch it out to November but ultimately they will disappear. However, if you choose to install a greenhouse, you will be able to grow tomatoes and many other fruits and vegetables through the whole of winter. Even if the greenhouse does not stay warm enough in the winter months, it is possible to install a greenhouse heater to keep the temperatures raised, making it possible for you to enjoy your efforts all year round.

Enjoy your hobby for longer

Flowers bring the garden to life and even if gardening is a hobby for you, when the winter comes around, you can often find that you feel a little lost. However, a greenhouse will allow you to continue to grow those exotic, colourful plants that brought you so much joy in the summer right through the winter. This means that you can spend time training them, nurturing them and pruning them all from the warmth of a greenhouse, even when the temperatures are freezing outside.

Don’t spend any more on seedlings

It is common for gardeners to buy seedlings so that they can have their favourite plants or vegetables. However, they cost money and over the years, the cost can come to a significant amount but a greenhouse can help you to save money.  The warmer temperature in a greenhouse makes it possible to start your plants earlier from seeds and then get them to the point that they need to be at before you plant them in the ground in your garden. Therefore, if you begin saving seeds from each year, it will more than likely mean that you will never have to buy seeds again. One other benefit of starting your own seedlings is that you can spread your love of gardening on to friends and family by giving them away. You can encourage little ones to embrace gardening while helping others to grow their own produce and enjoy the feeling of spending time outdoors.

A greenhouse is a welcome addition to any garden. They offer gardeners the chance to continue to grow when the weather becomes colder and they can also embrace their enjoyment for their hobby while preparing for the forthcoming Spring and Summer months.