Turn Your Shed Into Santa’s Grotto

December 11, 2017

Sheds are very diverse: they can be an office; they can be a place for tools; they can be a man cave or a she shed. Did you know however, that sheds can even be a Santa’s Grotto?

Kids are excitable at Christmas. This for many can be hard to satisfy. You have to entertain them with activities: whether this is taking them to the cinema, taking them bowling, taking them on playdates, etc. All very expensive tasks and that’s only a few of them.

So as an alternative this Christmas, why not turn your shed into Santa’s grotto! It’s cost-effective and will be a memory your children never forget!

How to do it

Clear space

To turn your shed into a Santa’s grotto you’re going to need to clear your space because – well, because we’ve never seen a Christmas film or picture where there’s been a rake in Santa’s grotto. You could conjure your own garden-handy version of Santa, that way, the rake would be appropriate. But we’re not too sure it works. You’re going to have to clear the thing.


Right now, all you have is an empty shed. An empty shed isn’t much itself, it is a canvas, however; a canvas for something magical. Now’s the time to deem this empty shed a grotto of the festive variety. How? Decorations, of course! Just how to decorate your shed is totally up to you and your creative mojo, however, we’ll give a few pointers just so you don’t miss out on anything!


Baubles practically embody Christmas; what’s a Christmas tree without them? A tree and nothing else. These will mostly work inside the shed.


Tinsel can make the most humbug of items look festive. Sheds aren’t exactly Christmassy by nature, so we’re going to need all the tinsel we can get!

Fake Snow

This one’s an easy addition and it will make the shed one step closer to that grotto look! Fake snow is awfully easy to find and very cheap. One quick google and you can find a wide range of vendors.

Angel Lights

Make the grotto enticing to enter from the outside! How? Make it sparkle like a shooting star, that’ll way, it’ll be the most awe-inducing Santa grotto the little one has ever seen. And the memory will forever be cemented in their heads.

Santa ‘Stop Here’ Sign

Not entirely necessary, but a nice touch. You can even write the date that you’re going to get Santa in on it – it’ll add a sense of realism that’ll be hard to forget.


You can elevate your Santa’s grotto experience by sprinkling a few festive tunes on the happening. All you need to do this is some speakers and a plug socket, both of which you already most probably have! So, for a Christmas 2017 idea, this sure seems like a good one!

Get into the festive spirit

As you decided to embark on this festive excursion, it’s safe to assume that you’re most probably already feeling festive. If you’re not, however, you’re going to have to get yourself festive as you may need to…

Be Santa!

You’ve set the scene, now you need someone to play the part! What’s Santa’s grotto without Santa? Not much, so either suit up yourself or get someone you know to whack on the famous reds.

Why make your shed Santa’s Grotto?

When it comes to Christmas most want their children to enjoy memories they’ll never forget – that’s what this is, an unforgettable memory. Your child will always hold it with them.

Turn Your Shed Into Santa’s Grotto Sheds to Last

Sheds to Last – Christmas Activities 2017

Any of our sheds are appropriate for this. Some do suit it more than others, however. For like, for example, our Birchcroft shed! If you don’t already have a shed appropriate, this relatively cheap option fits the bill amazingly.

Turn Your Shed Into Santa’s Grotto Sheds to Last

This, of course, is one way to use your shed. We’ve spoken extensively in the past how to use your shed creatively – we believe this is one of the most creative ways to do so! If you do end up turning your shed into a Santa’s grotto, we’d love to see! Email us your photo and you’ll get a discount on your next offer.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us: you can do so via by calling us on 01392 690 378 or by filling out our online contact form!