Top Tips To Keep Your Shed Bug-Free

April 11, 2018

Top Tips To Keep Your Shed Bug-Free

As the ravages of the winter of 2018 finally start to clear away and spring arrives, most gardeners will be looking forward to spending more time outside. That could well mean opening up a shed that’s been standing unused for the majority of the colder months. 

For some, the prospect of a bug-filled shed doesn’t hold any fear while for others it’s the stuff that nightmares are made of. However, even if you aren’t scared of creepy crawlies it’s not a good idea to have them in your shed as they can cause damage. The good news is that it’s not difficult to keep insects and spiders out of your shed for good; here are some top tips to help you stay bug-free.

Scent them out

Insects, and particularly spiders, can react quite strongly to certain smells and simply can’t bear to live in places which are heavily scented with substances they dislike. Peppermint oil and citrus are two fragrances that will send spiders scurrying away, and will deter any new visitors from entering your shed. Vinegar is a slightly less pleasant but equally effective aroma; try white vinegar for a slightly less pungent scent that still works well. 

The peel of fruit works well for spreading citrus scent as this contains the oil which is longer lasting. If you choose to use vinegar or peppermint oil, dilute it with water and spray it around doorways, windows and crevices liberally for maximum impact. 

Eradicate light sources

Moths and other flying insects will be attracted to sources of light so if you have the interior of your shed lit up it will become irresistible to bugs. 

This doesn’t mean that you need to work in complete darkness in your shed, but whatever kind of lighting you use, make sure that it’s switched off when not in use. 

Protect your roof

The roof can be a convenient point of entry for insects if it’s not properly protected. A shed roof which doesn’t have the sufficient covering won’t just be an entry point for bugs but it will also be exposed to the elements too, and could lead to leaks. 

Sheds with heavy duty felt roofing prevent bugs and spiders from getting inside, and as an added bonus, the covering also provides weather proofing and better insulation.  

Keep the area clear 

If you’ve got green fingers your garden may well be filled to bursting with plants, flowers and vegetables. However, if you want to keep your shed as a bug-free zone you’ll need to keep any greenery well away. 

Plants and soil are the perfect home for creepy crawlies of all kinds, and they can even help out gardeners by performing valuable functions. However if you have lots of shrubs and flowers close to your shed, it’s easy for insects to jump ship and you could find yourself with lots of unwelcome visitors. 

Keep the zone around your shed free of plants and vegetables and you’ll minimise the likelihood of bugs moving in,