The Benefits of Wooden Bike Storage

September 10, 2018

If you don’t have the luxury of having a garage to store your bike, then the next best option is to choose a wooden bike shed. There are many different options available but understanding what the benefits are can help you to make an informed decision. Your bike is a valuable piece of kit and so, you want to ensure that it is stored correctly, so what are the benefits of a wooden bike shed?


While many people are opting to have metal sheds in their garden, going back to wooden storage for your bike ensures that your bike remains secure. Yes, metal sheds are also secure but there is something more reassuring about solid wooden bike shed when you look at it. It seems as though it is almost impenetrable and that means that your bike will remain safe and secure each time you lock it away.

They Look Great

The great thing about wooden bike storage is that they really do look the part in any garden. Of course, plastic and metal sheds and bike storage solutions can look good, there is something more aesthetically pleasing about wooden bike storage. First of all, you can paint them any colour your wish, enabling you to incorporate it into your garden but it will also continue to look great as the years roll by. 

Plenty of Room for Extra Goods

Wooden bike storage is not just about finding somewhere to store your bike because there is more to it than that. If you want to store your bike, then the chances are you will want to store other equipment such as bike parts, pumps, helmets, child bike seats and many other accessories. All of these take up space if you store them in the home, so a wooden bike storage solution offers you a place where you can store everything easily.

They Stand the Test of Time

Wooden bike sheds, especially in the UK, are susceptible to some pretty bad weather. We have a lot of rain, wind, snow and some occasional sunshine and so, it is vital that you have storage that you an rely on. Wooden bike sheds are treated so that they are made to last but with the right maintenance you can keep them looking great for years. Unlike others kinds of sheds or bike storage solutions, once the elements take hold, there is not a lot that can be done. However, wood can be treated each year if you wish, to ensure that it continued to look good and to ensure that your bike remains protected. 

Available in Different Sizes

Not everyone has the space to store a large wooden bike shed but there are options available for those who are limited for space. If you plan to store your bike and nothing else, then there is a wide range of storage solutions for you to choose from. All will your fulfil your needs and make great use of whatever space you have available in your garden.