Make Extra Cash With Airbnb – Shed as a Guest Room

December 20, 2017

It’s official, sheds have transcended. Once a space for garden tools storage, it is now widely known that sheds now do much, much more. A permanent fixture in most British homes, sheds aren’t quite what they used to be; rarely opened, at the back, somewhat an afterthought when it comes to showing off your garden. Now, they’re– well, they’re the main feature. They can be anything from gaming rooms to a Santa’s Grotto. Today, us shed specialists, are going to divulge how you can use your shed as a guest room.

We know, as a use for your shed, a guest room sounds a stretch; that’d be gaining something of significant value in such a shrewd fashion. However, it’s true, you can. In the past, many would most probably scoff at the idea of a guest room in a shed. Not anymore. In this current climate, people usually applaud creative uses of space. This can be seen with meteoritic rise shipping container homes, small homes, and fittingly, shed homes.

And that’s what a shed can be: a creative use of space. It’s no secret that 70% of country’s gardens often get neglected and ignored. That’s why a shed, utilised in such a way, is a great use of space. You can leave those who see such uses in awe by doing exactly what we say today.

Shed as a guest room

We’ve recently launched this site, along with it came our new stock. There are some real show-stealers in there, like for example, our Garden Room shed. All of our sheds, especially the garden room shed, are perfect suitors to this room transformation we talk of.

It has been said that an extra room adds 10% of value to your home. We wouldn’t say a room in a shed would do that, as it’s not attached to the house, but it’s not ridiculous to say that it would add around 6-7%. Especially considering you could use this room for incomes; you can do with this companies such as Airbnb.

Doing It

Buying or Clearing Your Shed

To start the process of furthering your garden, house, bank account, and ultimately, your life, you need an empty shed. This can mean either buying one or clearing your own! As aforementioned, we recommend our Garden Room shed, however, another one of ours that we’re sure will fit the need is our Woburn Log Cabin. This cabin, although expensive, is incredible and would make a lovely guest house.

Make Extra Cash With Airbnb - Shed as a Guest Room Sheds to Last

Insulating Your Shed

When it comes to insulating your shed there’s a lot of misinformation out there. Many even recommend to insulate your shed with bubble wrap. This is a massive mistake. Bubble wrap is a nightmare for electronics and wiring; it can easily cause a fire. What we recommend is either fibreglass wool or foil backed compression insulation. But as fibreglass wool is a nightmare, we’d go for foil-backed; which is much, much easier.

After deciding which to use all you need to do is insulate the thing. Simple. Don’t forget, you’re going to also need to insulate the ceiling as well!

Make your shed a room!

Flooring, walls, and ceilings!

When you’ve got your insulation installed, you’re going to need to cover it – we don’t think you want your guestrooms to have to look at exposed insulation (nor does their potentially irritated skin)! As you can see in the video posted, this is where your creativity will begin to shine: you need to decide the flooring, ceiling, and walls. All in all, you’ll need to decide the aesthetic.

So explore your options and choose well! Look for decent looking cladding; we recommend shiplap. Flooring? Well, it will most likely need to match your walls, as will your ceiling. So be very conscious during this part.


This is entirely up to you. Do you want to go for the log cabin aesthetic? Or are you more inclined towards expunging the shed feel and making the shed look like a room inside your home? As we said, entirely up you.

Interior has massive influence on the way people enjoy things, so this isn’t a part we’d consider an afterthought, give it time and consideration!

Reap the benefits

If you’ve got this far, you’ll essentially have an extra room. Which means either a nice room for guests or an Airbnb goldmine!

Make Extra Cash With Airbnb - Shed as a Guest Room Sheds to Last

All that’s left is electrics and perhaps plumbing. Whilst we believe electrics is vital, we don’t believe plumbing to be – it’s just too much of a hassle and not all rooms are en-suites, right? Regarding electrics, we don’t want to bog you down in information so will be posting an article on how to power your shed via solar panel soon and after that we’ll post an article on how to wire electricity to your shed!

Sheds to last

We’re England’s number one shed supplier. We know sheds. Any questions about this article or sheds in general? Do not hesitate to get in touch. We will help, as that’s what we love to do: help; that’s why we made this company. You can get in touch by either using our online contact form or by calling us on 01392 690 378.