How to Replace Broken Fence Panels

October 4, 2017

Autumn is here; for the UK, that means potential inclement weather, winds, and showers. When the weather is like this, our garden fence panels can take a bit of a beating. Unfortunately, not all fence panels will survive.

It may even be the case that your fence panels are already broken and need repairing quickly to prevent further damage to your garden. Whatever the case may be, there are steps you can take to replace your panels. With a little guidance from Sheds To Last, you can ensure you are prepared and ready to get the job done.

Steps to fixing your broken fence panels

Is a replacement necessary?

First, decide whether you really need to replace your fence panels. It may be the case that a few minor repairs are all that’s required. For instance, adding new struts to replace broken ones could make your fence panels as good as new. If the issue is rotting or the panels are destroyed beyond repair, a replacement will most likely be your best option.

New fence posts?

Fence posts are usually made from either wood or concrete. It’s important to take this into consideration when reviewing your fence panels, as they may also need replacing or repairing if, say for instance, they have been subject to rotting or destroyed during a storm.

Remove damaged panels and posts

It may be obvious, but you will first need to remove all of the damaged fence panels and posts before you can replace or repair them. Review them carefully, look at how they are fitted to the frame – does it come with U-shaped clips or has it been nailed in place?

Clips will simply unscrew enabling you to lift the panels out. If nails, you may find it easier to cut them out, rather than trying to pry them out. Be sure to wear safety gear such as gloves and goggles when working.

Once complete, this should enable you to get a better idea of the condition of the fence panels, and whether they would be easier to replace or repair. If a replacement is needed, don’t forget to measure the fence panels so you can choose which size you will need.

Browse and order your new fence panels

Take a look at our selection of treated wooden fence panels. Our fence panels come in a range of sizes and shapes to suit your outdoor space requirements. Once you have decided which fencing panel you require, order online or contact Sheds To Last for more information.  

Setting up your new panels

If you decide to install the fence panels yourself, you may also want to consider staining or painting them – not only can this be aesthetically pleasing, but will make the wood last longer. Also, if you are only replacing a couple of panels you’ll want to ensure they match the old ones.

Top tip: When installing your fence panels, make sure you have someone to help you carry and slide them in place!

Watch this video from B&Q for more advice on how to fix a broken fence panel.

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