Preparing your garden shed for spring

February 26, 2019

Preparing Your Shed for Spring

As winter is heading towards the end for another year, it is time to look forward to a time where everything becomes a lot brighter and the weather becomes a lot better. With that comes the chance to get outside and start clearing up the mess that winter left behind. The heavy wind and rain, frost and snow can cause problems in many different ways but a few hours spend preparing your shed for spring can ensure that it is ready for another season.

Give it a clear out

If everything was thrown into your shed in a hurry before the autumn showers took hold then there is every chance that you are going to need a clear out. Take a look around your shed and identify what can be thrown away, what you need to keep and how you can organise it in a way that makes it easier to use. If you get organised early on in the year then it will mean that you will be able to gain access to everything you need and make more room for other items should you need it.

Check for water damage

During your clear out, take a look around the shed and check the items for water damage. This should be easy to identify and cardboard boxes will be saturated, any materials will be wet and the wood inside might have started to rot. Having a clear view of the shed from the inside will make it possible for you to identify any damage.

Check for external damage

There is every chance that your shed might have become damaged over the winter months. Whether it was the wind ripping off the felt sheet on the room or the rain penetrating a window or one of the boards, now is the time to check for damage. So, if you have a wooden shed, check the felt roof and look for any tears or try and identify whether any tacks have become loose and then look for any loose panels that might have become rotten or warped. If you can, carry out any remedial work and make sure your shed is looking like new again. For those with a metals shed, now is the time to make sure that the rood is still fixed in place and check for any rust or corrosion.

Time to protect it

While the bad weather is behind you, there is no better time to give your shed some extra protection than during spring. We are all aware of how bad our summers can be, so if you get a dry, warm period begin by giving your shed a touch of wood preserve or treatment to ensure that it remains looking good for as long as possible. Spending time on it now will be beneficial for you when the summer ends and the winter arrives as it will help to protect it from the elements for another year, giving your shed the chance to stand the test of time.