Keeping Your Shed Protected Against Thieves

May 28, 2018

Keeping Your Shed Protected Against Thieves

Garden sheds can contain many valuable items, from equipment to power tools and bikes. For this reason, they are often the target for would-be thieves who are hoping to be able to bag some goodies for minimal effort.

Despite the value of the items inside, many garden sheds are not well protected. The good news is that it isn’t too costly to add some deterrents to keep burglars away. Here are a few ideas about how you can keep your shed or other outside buildings protected and secure.

Light it up

Most thieves rely on the fact that your garden will be plunged into darkness at night, providing the ideal cover for them to sneak in and take what they want. By making your garden bright and light, you will instantly reduce the likelihood of being targeted.

You don’t have to send your electricity bill rocketing in order to do this. Rather than leaving lights on around the clock, use motion sensors instead. As soon as there’s any kind of movement in your garden, the light will switch on, flooding the area with bright light.

Maximise your security

The obvious way to protect your shed is to invest in a strong lock for your shed. However, this may be irrelevant if you don’t also shore up the door hinges; this is one of the weak spots on many sheds and is easy to force open.

Replacing the basic hinges with larger bolts secured with nuts and the door will instantly be much tougher to crack open. Inside your shed you could rig up an alarm; similarly to the lighting, a motion sensor alarm is an excellent choice.

Defensive planting

As well as beefing up the security on the shed, you can make some small changes to your garden to protect yourself.

Make sure that your garden isn’t easily accessible; low fencing and ground plants are no obstacle for a determined thief.

High hedges and shrubs have dual benefits; not only do they make it harder for anyone to get into your garden, they also keep the shed out of view making the chances of being targeted much lower. In the hedges around your fence and at obvious access points, add some prickly plants too and you’ll be adding an extra layer of protection.

A water feature can make a lovely addition to any garden, and there’s plenty of reasons to get one put in. However, if you position it close to the fencing and near to your garden shed, you’ll also be able to use it as part of your defensive landscaping plan. The prospect of having to wade through cold, deep or murky water after climbing over a high, prickly hedge should be enough to send any thief running in the opposite direction!

Make life difficult

Even if a thief manages to get around all of the above security measures, you can still make life difficult for them and minimise what they can steal.

Locking large items together such as bikes, lawnmowers and other bulky equipment means it will be very difficult for a thief to manoeuvre it out of your shed. Speed and stealth are of the essence to thieves and if they can’t quickly and quietly collect items from your shed, they will give up and move on to somewhere else.