How to prepare your garden for winter

December 19, 2018

Preparing your Garden for winter

After one of the best summers for decades, the time has come for us to pull out our warmer clothes and prepare for the colder months to shock us back into reality. However, many of us tend to leave our gardens during the Winter months, thinking that it will take care of itself but there are things you can do to keep your garden looking good even when the weather is pretty bleak. 

So, how can you prepare your garden for winter?

Plant Evergreens

During the summer months, there is nothing better than relaxing in a garden that is filled with fragrant smells and brightly coloured flowers and plants. However, once the colder months arrive, they soon die off, leaving your garden looking bare. Therefore, choosing to plant evergreens will leave your garden looking great in Winter. 

Check your shed, fencing and decking

Checking these over will enable you to ensure that they are safe during the coming months. Checking the roof of your shed to ensure it is fixed and making sure that fence panels and decking boards are secure will prevent you from receiving any nasty surprises when the weather becomes windy and wet. If required, you can clean and treat decking boards, fencing and shed panels to prevent them from rotting and become damaged.

Fertilise your lawn

Your lawn will really take a hit during Winter. It can become damaged by frost, suffer from a lack of sun and become waterlogged. Therefore, adding fertiliser to your lawn will give your lawn a boost so it stands a better chance of looking good during Winter.

Remove all weeds

Anyone who takes care of their garden will have a real hatred of weeds but they are one of those things we simply have to put up with. Yes, you might have spent all of the summer keeping on top of those weeds hoping that the start of winter will see them disappear but this is not the case. So, spend time de-weeding your garden of all weeds, including borders, flowerbeds and in between patio slabs. It is best to remove them by hand instead of using a weedkiller.

Cover garden furniture

If you have spent all summer using your garden furniture to make the most of the good weather, you will understand the importance of looking after it. The wet weather can severely damage your garden furniture often leaving it almost unusable when the better weather appears in Spring. Therefore, you need to protect all furniture from the elements. This either means covering up your furniture or moving it into a shed or garage. If you want to keep it looking its best then it is worthwhile taking care of it.

Don’t let your garden succumb to the harsh changes in the weather between as we move from Summer to Autumn. Take the right steps now and have a garden that not only looks good throughout the colder months but will be ready for the start of a new Spring.