How to Maximise Space in your Shed

May 22, 2018

Handy Hints: How to Maximise Space in your Shed

A garden shed can be used for a range of purposes including storing tools and equipment, as a workshop and a place to pot plants and seeds. However, with only a limited amount of room, it can be difficult to find space for everything.

The good news is that with a little bit of creative thinking and clever storage, you’ll be able to maximise the available space to fit much more in. Here are a few ideas about how to make the most of the square inches in your garden shed.

Think vertical

When you’re planning the space in your shed, most people think of the floor space and doesn’t use the vertical room effectively too.

Using stacking boxes is an excellent way to take advantage of the space you have vertically, leaving more floor space free for other things. You can put the items you are least likely to use in the bottom, and the more frequently used items closer to the top so you can access them more easily.

You could use labels but it’s also a good idea to use clear plastic boxes. This allows you to see everything that’s contained in each box with just a glance.

These boxes are useful for stacking items which would topple over on their own, such as soft chair cushions, or smaller items. Using plastic boxes will be far more efficient and you won’t have the annoyance of everything falling over time and again.

Great shelving

Good garden sheds may come in various shapes and sizes but the one thing they all should have in common is a stable and sturdy structure. This allows you to use the interior walls for storage.

A wooden construction should be strong and secure and able to support the erection of internal shelving. This doesn’t just free up space but also helps you to be more organised. Higher shelving helps to keep hazardous items out of the reach of children, another big plus.

You might be inclined to put chemicals or other toxic substances high up on shelves but you should check the conditions for storage first. It can often be better to store these in their original packaging in containers per stacking boxes. Quite aside from the storage recommendations from the manufacturer, there’s also the risk of injury or harm if the toxic liquids were to spill over a person from height.

Clever organisation

If you aren’t careful, it’s very easy for the contents of your shed to get into a tangle, creating mess and taking up more room than necessary. Staying organised can be a great way to save on space as well as making it easier to locate whatever you need.

A pegboard can be readily purchased and easily mounted on the interior wall of your shed. The holes can accommodate hooks and pegs, giving plenty of different storage options. You can use these pegs to hang small pots where you can store nails, screws and other hardware, or larger items such as drills.

You can even organise the pegboard into separate sections to make it quicker to locate what you’re looking for.

Space saving ideas

The above three ideas could all help to save valuable space inside your garden shed. Try these out in your garden shed today and see how much room you could save.