How to make money with your log cabin

April 11, 2017

Log cabins are a great addition to any garden. Not only do they look fantastic, but they can also be very profitable. But do you know exactly how to make money with your log cabin? Don’t fret if not! In this blog, we show you the ways in which you can turn your garden building into a money-making venture.

How to make money with your log cabin Sheds to Last

Founded in 2008, Airbnb entered the marketplace, offering homeowners the opportunity to share and rent out their unique accommodation. Since, many users have promoted the availability of their extra space – whether that includes a city apartment for the night, a romantic castle for the weekend, or a luxury glamping experience in a cosy log cabin.

Many of our clients are interested in purchasing a custom built log cabin with the intent of using it as additional space on their premises. However, some are not aware of just how profitable they can be. Below, Sheds To Last has compiled a handy guide on how to make money with your log cabin – we hope you enjoy!

Ways to make money with your log cabin

1.Turn your cabin into a retreat

Make the most of your log cabin by turning it into a quirky retreat or bed and breakfast. This offers guests the chance to stay somewhere unique and provides them with the ultimate ‘glamping’ experience. Add a comfortable sleeping area, heating, modern features and cosy furnishings for a luxurious stay. In addition, the cabin can be utilised by family and friends when you require additional sleeping space.

2.Hire your space out for events

If you have a large garden area, you could hire out your private space for events and functions. For example, focus on groups such as weddings, business retreats, festivals, academic events, etc. The log cabin provides a great meeting spot, or as additional accommodation for overnight, longer stays.

3.Live near a lake, forest or sea?

If so, log cabins provide the ultimate hunting and fishing lodges. A delightful log cabin offers guests the chance to be at one with nature whilst on a fishing or hunting trip. Why not offer to provide the equipment (eg. fishing rods, reel, bait, etc) or arrange a fishing license for guests at an additional fee. This is a wonderful way to make some additional income and gives guests the chance to have some fun during their stay.

4. Lights, camera, action!

So, it’s a warm summer’s evening and you have access to a screen projector. Why not use your log cabin as a base to show films or host a cinema night? Guests can come round to yours and watch the latest blockbusters – chuck in some popcorn, treats and drinks and allow guests to relax while they cosy up in your homemade entertainment room for the evening.

5. Tuition and classes

Turn your log cabin into a mini classroom and use it to host students while you tutor them. Whether you are teaching a class in painting, typing, IT or another language, this is a great way to make some extra cash without turning your private home space into a teaching area. In addition, the peace and quiet you receive from holding classes in your log cabin make it the perfect place to hold mock exams and discussions with your students.

6. Surf’s up!

If you live by the coast, log cabins make an ideal surf shack for beach enthusiasts. Surfers will be keen to spend their time in the sea and may only require basic sleeping facilities when they are not riding the waves. You could even go the extra mile and provide gear such as wetsuits and surfboards for you potential guests.

7.Host dinner parties

Perhaps you fancy yourself as a culinary genius? Why not show off your skills and host dinner parties in your log cabin? Guests can enjoy the outdoor views whilst tucking into your delicious courses. Whether you create a five-course tasting menu with an optional wine-flight or a casual barbeque with drinks, log cabins make a great spot for entertaining guests in the comfort of your own premises.

8.Office space

Log cabins make a wonderful office space. Offer people a better way of working by hiring out your log cabin – avoid the daily commute into the city and help others to create a more flexible working environment. People will appreciate the calm surroundings and unique workspace where they can work in peace and get those creative juices flowing.

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Why not hire out your log cabin as extra storage space? Whether potential guests are moving house and need somewhere to store their possessions, or someone wants to keep a valuable collection safe, offering out your log cabin as storage space could be a great way to make a bit of extra cash.

10.Music (and money) to your ears

Hire out our log cabin space to budding musicians and instrumentalists and turn that garage band into a log cabin band! Or, set up a musical haven for teachers – set up a piano, guitars, violins or drum kit and give music teachers a private space for their classes, away from busy streets and roads.

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