How to Keep your Shed Contents Child-Friendly 

May 12, 2018

How to Keep your Shed Contents Child-Friendly 

Sheds are a useful addition to any garden whether they’re used for holding tools and equipment or larger items such as bikes and mowers. However, for a child, a shed can be the perfect place to spark their vivid imagination, transforming into a magical castle, a pirate boat or a special hideaway. 

While it’s great to encourage creative play, problems can arise if your shed contains items which could be potentially harmful. Here are a few ideas to help you keep the contents of your shed child-friendly without sacrificing what you’re storing. 

Keep the shed secure

Although you might be happy for your children to play in your shed when you’re out in the garden too, you may not be so keen for them to have free access when you’re not around. and this is the time you need to know How to Keep your Shed Contents Child-Friendly

If you’re only a few steps away it’s much easier to subtly supervise what they’re doing, and make sure they’re not touching things they shouldn’t be!

Keeping your shed locked is one way to limit their access to the times when you feel comfortable that they will be safe. This has the double advantage of keeping out any would-be thieves and protecting your possessions inside. Even if you don’t consider your items particularly valuable, you might be surprised at what has been stolen before!

Whatever style of shed you have, make sure you pick a style of lock which can’t be easily bypassed by children, such as a bolt. A padlock with the key kept out of reach is a great solution that isn’t difficult to instal. 

Take care of your tools

If you have any sharp or dangerous tools, don’t leave them lying around where they could be reached by your child. 

It only takes a moment for you to leave your shed unattended and tragedy could strike. You’ll find there’s lots of wall organisers that keep your tools tidy but also above and out of reach of tiny hands. 

The same applies for power tools; never be tempted to leave them plugged in or within easy reach for a child. If they are battery powered, it’s a good idea to remove the battery when not in use, reducing the chance of accidents occurring. 

Lock it up!

As well as tools, the other potential danger waiting in your shed is from hazardous liquids. Whether it’s weedkiller, pesticides or other toxic substances, there’s many items which could be extremely dangerous if ingested. 

It’s not feasible to balance everything at height so a good solution for liquids and other substances is the use of a locked cabinet. Make sure anything that has the potential to do harm is safely locked away and you’ll remove the risk of your child accidentally swallowing something terrible. 

Keep your shed in good condition!

Finally, How to Keep your Shed Contents Child-Friendly although all of the above are important, keeping your shed in good condition is essential too. If the wood is splitting or there are large gaps appearing, you could find your child trying to slip in. 

Looking after your shed doesn’t just have to be an uphill battle; buy a good quality shed, especially one which has been pressure treated and you’ll find that very little maintenance will be required to keep it in tip top condition. 

Follow the above hints and you’ll find your shed is safe for your children, giving you peace of mind.