How to install a shed

March 4, 2019

Installation of a Shed 

There is more to installing a shed than purchasing one and putting it together because it also involved ensuring that other aspects of the installation process are considered first. Whether you want your shed to be used for storing tools or for storing items that you cannot fit in your home, there is no doubt that a shed is a great addition to any garden. However, putting thought into the installation process will ensure that the job is completed correctly, so what do you need to consider?

Where will it be placed?

You need to make sure that the shed is going to be installed in the right are of the garden. You will need a place that is easily accessible all year round and that means that you should also consider things such as what else is around the area such as trees or shrubs as well as the ground it will be placed on.

Do you have the room?

Installing a shed is not a case of buying it and putting it straight into the garden in the hope that it fits. You need to make sure that you have sufficient room for the depth, the width, the height as well as room to open the door or doors, not to mention room to get items in and out. 

Determine the base

A shed cannot be placed on any kind of base because that could lead to a range of problems including rot and a twisted frame should you opt for a wooden shed, all of which will lead to your shed becoming faulty in a very short space of time. So, think about where you are placing it and what is required. If it is an area that gets waterlogged then you might need to build a raised base or if it is a place that is relatively dry and has good drainage then you could get away with a simple slab base. Whatever you choose, you have to make sure it fits the size of your shed base at a minimum.

The tools you need

If you are going to be installing your shed yourself then you will need to consider the tools that you need. Putting a shed together is a rewarding task but one that does require you to have the right tools because if you fail to use the right tools then it will make the job even harder. Planning ahead will allow you to foresee any issues that might arise.

Make sure it is weathertight

Once you have put your shed together, you might not want to go and place all of your expensive equipment in there just yet. You might have incorrectly put it together and even the smallest of mistakes could leave everything inside soaking when it is put through a heavy downpour. So, either wait for the heavens to open or you could test it with a hosepipe but once you are sure, you can then place your belongings inside.