How To Give Your Garden a Spring Clean This Easter

March 30, 2018

How To Give Your Garden a Spring Clean This Easter

As the colder weather starts to drift away (hopefully!) and Spring starts to make its presence known, there’s nothing better than brushing away the cobwebs and starting afresh.

But when you spring clean your home, don’t forget about your garden; there’s lots of jobs which need to be done to get your outside space in tip-top condition. Here’s a few ideas about how to give your garden a thorough spruce-up this Easter.

Give your plants a feed

To get the best out of your garden, it’s a good idea to feed your plants from time to time. The springtime is the ideal opportunity and will set your lawn, plants and flowers up perfectly for the season ahead.

Slow release or pellet fertiliser makes a great feed for your shrubs, hedges and trees. Wait until the next rainfall, scatter it over the soil and lightly fork it in.

Well rotted manure, general fertiliser or compost can be added to all of your beds. You’ll need to fork it in at least 5cm so the soil will need to be in workable condition.

Roses will also benefit from a fertiliser but to get the best results, opt for either a balanced fertiliser or even better, a specific rose feed.

Repot your plants

If your plants need to be moved around or repotted, Easter is the best time to tackle the task.

Potted plants which have been in the same container for a number of years, or those which need more space should be repotted. This allows roots which are actively growing to bed properly into the ground.

For the same reason, early Spring is when you should move any shrubs or deciduous trees but you’ll need to make sure the soil isn’t too waterlogged or frozen.

Prune and tidy

Pruning your plants and flowers helps to encourage healthy growth, and gets rid of any weak areas.

Every plant has different recommendations about the best way to prune and cut them back so make sure you check before getting stuck in. However as a general rule, get rid of any spent or winter flowers and cut away any dead foliage.

While you’re pruning, take the chance to replace canes and other plant supports which have broken or split.

Get cleaning!

If you spend a lot of time in your garden, you may well have outdoor furniture or sheds. Even though they’re designed to be exposed to the elements, it’s a good idea to carry out a few simple maintenance tasks.

Give any furniture a good clean, and check the nuts and bolts are still done up tightly. Sweep up and clean any decking or paving areas so they’re not slippery underfoot.

If you have a pressure treated shed, fence or furniture, you probably won’t need to paint or treat it. However, other types of timber may need to be coated with preservative to keep their protection against the elements.

Clear away moss from paths and treat the area to prevent re-growth. Don’t forget to check ponds and water features too, scooping out any dead leaves ad topping up water levels if needed.

Get your garden ready for the season ahead

The above few tasks won’t take too long but will give your garden a real makeover, getting it in prime condition for the season ahead. Taking the time to carry out the maintenance now will leave you with a beautiful garden in the summer, ready for when you want to enjoy it the most.