How to choose the right gazebo

September 17, 2018


Whether you are deciding to give your garden a complete makeover or give it a new look with some subtle changes, you should consider a gazebo. A gazebo can completely transform your garden from a bland space into a space that looks classy, sophisticated and completely practical.

Gazebos are not just about practicality because they will give your garden a unique feature that grabs the attention of everyone who takes a look at your garden. From a design perspective, they almost lure you in with the relaxing appeal and they make you want to head down there of a summer evening, with a glass of wine and your favourite book. They really do promote peace and serenity in the garden.

Consider the space you have

Gazebos come in a wide range of sizes and that means that there is every chance you will find one for your garden. On average, they are around 2 metres wide, so take this into consideration because you do not want them to take over the garden in any way. Therefore, it is important that you get the proportion right because they really can be an attractive addition as well as a place where you can spend time or store other garden items during the winter months.

What gazebo style should I choose?

This question can only be answered as soon as you know what your budget is and what style of garden you have or will have. For what they offer you, Gazebos are a worthwhile addition to any garden when it comes to determining your budget.

However, for those of you who have one eye on your budget, an open style gazebo could be the best option. In the main, they cost less because less construction and timber goes into them. Open gazebos just look the part and give your garden a whole new dimension.

If you are an open book when it comes to the kind of gazebo you want, then you really can start to play around with the options and features. You might choose to have a gazebo with seating built, a copper roof or even shutters. What you want from your gazebo will all come down to your desires and how you plan to use it. They also come in a wide range of colours, giving your chance to break up the garden slightly and make your gazebo stand out.

Are gazebos really worth it?

Absolutely! The way in which they enhance the look and feel of a garden is quote incredible but you have to think about how much you will use it. If you are someone who likes to spend a lot of time on your own, then a Gazebo is the perfect place to go and read, listen to music or pain. When the weather is good, a gazebo gives you an excuse to spend time outside but they are also great when the rain is pouring and you can hear the raindrops hitting the roof.

Whatever you choose,  a gazebo is a worthwhile addition to any garden.