The Beauty Of A Garden Home Office

November 29, 2016

A 9-5 desk job is no longer the only option available to people in the work-force. Freelancing has taken the world by storm lately, and more often than not it is the result of more and more people choosing to work from home, at their own pace and on their own terms. Keeping this in mind, everyone needs an independent space to work in – no matter how tempting the thought of meeting that next deadline from the comfort of your bed is, it is always a bad idea.

Garden home offices are a new trend taking over and here at Sheds to Last, we’ve got you sorted. We offer a variety of outdoor buildings that are easily convertible into your own private space, from which you can work easily and customise according to your specifications.

Still sitting on the garden fence? Here are a few benefits of having a garden home office:

1. No more travel

Arguably the best part about working from home is you won’t have to commute, meaning that you have more spare time. Gone are the days when you are fixing your shoes, hair, make-up and answering emails at the odd red-light before you manage to get in to work. With a garden home office, your daily commute is basically six steps out your front door.

2. No more distractions

How often have you opened your laptop while in your bedroom and thought to yourself, “Just one more episode of that new TV show and then I’ll get started on work?” If the answer is, “this morning,” then you are in need of a garden home office. The most distracting thing that can happen in there would be the odd squirrel scurrying past your window. Having a space dedicated to work always helps improve focus, so even if you think you’ll be distracted no matter where you are, the chances of it happening in a garden home office – a dedicated space for work only – are slim.

3. Customisation

Since it’s your space no one is there to supervise you, a garden home office is an excellent way to get creative and break out those DIY skills you would never be able use on the house. Painting, stencilling, posters, furniture – you can choose it all!

4. Impressing clients

Working from home is substantially less impressive if the only place you’ve got to meet with clients is your kitchen table. A garden home office is an independent space that is disconnected from the house and yet connected at the same time: it isn’t quite the kitchen more than just a table, but isn’t a stuffy office building either. A touch of professionalism is always a good idea, and a garden home office provides just the right amount.

If we haven’t convinced you yet, Sheds to Last offers warranties on all products and customisation to help you get the best experience possible out of our buildings. Rain or shine, city or countryside, we have something for you. So drop us a message and invest in your own garden home office today!