Why Your Devon Sheds Need Solar Panels

January 9, 2018

Why Your Devon Sheds Need Solar Panels Sheds to Last

Without electricity, devon sheds are somewhat limited. With electricity, a shed’s limit is as high as the star you’re going to drawing energy from. What’s that? Yeah, we’re not digging a trench and wiring electricity from your house. Who wants to do that? Trenches should very much be left in the 20th century. Our shed’s technological limitations shouldn’t, however. So, why don’t we utilise that 21st-century technology and gather your shed’s needed energy from the sun!

Whether you simply want to illuminate the insides; whether you want to have some sort of audio system; whether you want to charge your power tools; whether you want to be able to watch the football in your shed: whatever you want to do inside your shed, electricity is paramount. Not too long back we released an article focusing on She Sheds – all of those sheds required electricity. The fact of the matter is, unless it’s simply there for storage, you’re going to need electricity.

And as we said, trenches must be left in the 20th century and as one needs a trench to wire electricity from your house, the only answer is solar panels.

Solar Panels?

Solar panels? Aren’t those for government new-builds and that fella in America… What’s his name… Feline Tusk? Well yes, they are. Those two things, Elon Musk and government new-builds. They both sure do love solar panels, but you should love them too! They can power your shed without any maintenance for years on end, costing you nothing after you’ve installed them. Today we’re going to run through what you need to get this done on your shed!

Working out what you need

First of all, you’re going to need to work out how much wattage you require. This is pivotal to the process. Once you’ve worked that out, you can go about getting your solar panel. There’s a useful chart on this webpage exploring how much wattage you’ll need to power certain household items 

Continuous power rating of inverter
— Audio and video appliances — 300W 600W 1000W 1500W 2000W 3000W 4000W 6000W
 12” colour LCD TV 20W Ok Ok Ok Ok Ok Ok Ok Ok
 Satellite TV receiver 30W Ok Ok Ok Ok Ok Ok Ok Ok
 HiFi stereo with CD changer** 50W Ok Ok Ok Ok Ok Ok Ok Ok
 DVD / Blu-ray player 50W Ok Ok Ok Ok Ok Ok Ok Ok
 20” colour LCD TV 100W Ok Ok Ok Ok Ok Ok Ok Ok
 42” colour LCD TV 200W Ok Ok Ok Ok Ok Ok Ok Ok
 100W stereo amplifier** 200W Ok Ok Ok Ok Ok Ok Ok
 Home theatre system** 500W Ok Ok Ok Ok Ok Ok
 Active speaker 250W RMS** 500W Ok Ok Ok Ok Ok
 Active speaker 500W RMS** 1000W Ok Ok Ok


Once you’ve worked your wattage out and bought the appropriate solar panel, you’ll need to get three more things: a deep cycle battery, a converter, and a control panel. When these items of deep importance have been acquired, you’ll be one step closer to a self-sustainable shed. There are some sellers on eBay that offer a solar panel and control panel package deal. These would be perfect for your one of your Devon Sheds.

The reason you need these things is quite simple: you need a solar panel to contract the energy, you need the panel to distribute the energy, you need a battery to store the energy, and you’ll need a converter to convert the energy for your appliances.

Getting it installed

The installation is rather simple – Kevin Holland, eco-shed of the year winner claimed fitting a solar panel to a battery is “as simple as fitting a plug”. If you’d like some visual assistance, Youtuber RickVanMan has done a pretty straightforward guide on the whole process:

Devon Sheds that Last

A solar panel can take your shed to the next level. It can turn it from a home for rakes to a games room. It will totally elevate it. Enable your shed to transcend all expectations with a natural source of power.

First of all, you’ll need a shed to do this. Why not have a look at what we have on offer? As Devon’s best shed supplier, we’re more than fit to offer a home for your solar panel. We truly believe a shed can take your back garden to a new level – we dare you to try and prove us wrong.

Why Your Devon Sheds Need Solar Panels Sheds to Last