Convert your Devon shed into a home office

August 29, 2017

Have you ever considered working from home but don’t have space or privacy to set up shop? Why not convert your Devon shed into a home office? Shed conversions are becoming an increasingly popular method of creating extra space at a low cost. With millions of sheds being converted into home offices, you are certainly not alone in wanting to reap the benefits of working from home.

First, of course, you will need to purchase a shed (if you don’t already have one). At Sheds To Last, we can inform and advise you on the best type of shed or wooden workshop for your requirements and preferences. For example, if you need room for more than one person or large office equipment, you will need a decent sized shed. Browse our collection of wooden garden sheds here!

If you already have a sturdy garden shed, with a little tinkering and tweaking, you can create a wonderful home office. In addition, this is a wonderful DIY project that you can undertake and be proud of the achievement once complete. Work in comfort and familiarity, and swap the city buildings and smog for a wonderful garden view, with these few easy steps!

Creating the perfect home office


First, think about the size of your shed and the realistic amount of things you are going to be able to comfortably fit. An 8×6 wooden shed should comfortably hold a desk, seat and shelves, but if you require extra working space for more than one person, or you have large office equipment, you may want to consider a bigger unit, such as the 15×10 wooden workshop.

Interior structure

It’s now time to get to work. This will be one of the most time-consuming parts of the project, but totally worth it when you have created a sturdy working environment. Consider whether your building will require electrics, and be sure to check with a professional electrician before you undertake any of this work yourself.

Once this has been expertly managed, and you have fitted the necessary electrics, you can then think about drywalling and painting the interior of your shed. Your shed will need a firm base and walls, typically created using concrete slab.

You could also line the inside with plasterboard if you prefer, but most sheds come with a plywood floor and you can use just about any flooring material to cover it. Basic tile is low cost and easy to install.

Alternatively, if you don’t fancy yourself an expert DIY-er, consider hiring a landscape gardener or builder to do the hard work for you.


Will you need to add lighting? This is an important element when creating a home office. An overhead lamp, in addition to some desk lamps, is a simple way to light up your work space.


Will you be using this space throughout the winter months? Make sure you have good insulation and use a space heater to add warmth and make your home office comfortable. Will you be using the office during the summer? Make sure you install plenty of windows for good ventilation and add in somewhere to plug in a fan for those warmer days!


Think about decorating your shed conversion as you would a room of your home. Decide on a desk and chairs to suit your personal taste, and furniture such as sofas if room provides, decorative cushions and pictures add character. Hang up a notice board, calendar, and a clock to give it a real home office feel, and personalise the space with family photos, your qualifications, awards, etc.


When working from home, it is likely that you will have expensive equipment and confidential business information that you need to keep secure. Be sure to fit your home office with a high-quality door alarm – outdoor lighting can also act a deterrent.

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