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How to install a shed

March 4, 2019

Installation of a Shed  There is more to installing a shed than purchasing one and putting it together because it also involved ensuring that other aspects of the installation process are considered first. Whether you want your shed to be used for storing tools or for storing items that you cannot fit in your home, […]

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Preparing your garden shed for spring

February 26, 2019

Preparing Your Shed for Spring As winter is heading towards the end for another year, it is time to look forward to a time where everything becomes a lot brighter and the weather becomes a lot better. With that comes the chance to get outside and start clearing up the mess that winter left behind. […]

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The Benefits of Major heavy duty sheds

February 13, 2019

Sheds are an integral part of any garden and for many, they are an extremely important part of the home, especially where storage is required. However, in the UK where the elements are harsh at times and from a security perspective, Major heavy duty sheds have a very important role to play but what are […]

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How To Give Your Garden a Spring Clean This Easter

March 30, 2018

How To Give Your Garden a Spring Clean This Easter As the colder weather starts to drift away (hopefully!) and Spring starts to make its presence known, there’s nothing better than brushing away the cobwebs and starting afresh. But when you spring clean your home, don’t forget about your garden; there’s lots of jobs which […]

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